The Premiere Edition of the Digital Dermis Newsletter by Infuzion System

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the "Digital Dermis Newsletter" by Infuzion System! Join me as we dive into the latest trends and insights within the beauty industry, offering a glimpse into the innovative world of Infuzion System on a global scale. 

Stay tuned for exclusive updates, expert advice, and captivating stories that will elevate your knowledge and passion for beauty. 

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Martina Richter, CEO & Founder

The success story: Beauty Salon La Perle, Netherlands

We're starting off strong with a success story from The Netherlands, aiming to ignite your passion and spur Infuzion growth in your clinic!

In the Dutch beauty scene, Janneke from Beauty Salon La Perle has become the top-selling professional of the Infuzion System in 2023. In an instant, Janneke broke records by selling an unprecedented number of treatments, delighting her clients with a breathtakingly radiant skin. Her success lies in her expertise, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Janneke's reputation as a skincare expert speaks for itself, making Beauty Salon La Perle a reliable and beloved place for those seeking a healthy and beautiful appearance.